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The most dedicated Forpi fans on Earth.

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- Stupid Freakin E-mails, that's what kind. -



Ok, this is the space where we're gonna put the stupid e-mails that get sent to us. Hope you enjoy this section.

Our first e-mail is from someone asking the number one most FAQ. Read on to find out more!

Original E-mail

whazzup jock,

can you at least let me keep the sk tag when i enter the game? I don't feel like changing my name, BTW do you have a mod on the server that prevents me from using the [sk] callsign ?


My Responce

Well 'Donny' it's Jack BTW. and.... yes, we have a special filter thing set up to keep [sk] ppl out. It helps us seperate the admins from the non-admins.If you change your name in the game. It will kick you. Sorry, way things are. change you're name, and ur in. ttyl. Doniel.


In our last exchange, of e-mails, here is what I finally got back for my answer.


End E-mail


My Responce (Original email holds no bearing)

Yeah, Alright... I'll unban you. ::poof it's done:: (I already did it.) Welcome back. Thank god someone knows how to get themselves unbanned.... fucking other idiots out there.


His Reponce

hahaha yea i just went to the damn site.. but i guess thats too hard for some unedjucated fucks

In our last exchange, of e-mails, here is what I sent back for my answer.

Yeah, I hate people that are UNEDUCATED. You know... those ones who don't know how to spell simple words... like... maybe... for instance... UNEDUCATED? Anyway… Glad to have you back.


End E-mail


Original E-mail

From: Marlon Mohammed [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 2:59 PM
To: ...
Subject: xF info

ok, here goes... I AM [xF]*TheOne* and all of my aliases.. I am Marlon
Mohammed, [xF]Sr-71 is Alex Duval, [xF]*r0ckstar is Matt Bonaquisty, we
have no logo right now, nor do we have a website, be we are gonna tear apart
all the people who play on yours... xtraFlava! ha ha, piece... oh btw... i
am at George Mason(GMU), alex is at Radford, and Matt is at VA Tech, we all
are frehsman

My Responce

Well, Marlon, Thank you very much for the 'info' on your clan. Besides the fact that I play with you... oh, I dunno, almost every day or every other day, I am glad to know about your names. You'r clan must kick a lot of ass too, with its 3 members and lack of logo and website! I'm scared too, because you said you're gonna 'tear us apart.' However, it seems that all you guys do is come in the server, get ur asses kicked, and rockstar spent about 20 minutes yesterday crying about the 'uneven' teams. Also, I don't really give a fuck about where you guys go to college. Guys, I think I'm missing the point of this e-mail. I just don't understand why you sent this to me. It really makes no sense whatsoever. And as a closing, xtraFlava is a fucking stupid-ass name for a clan. You guys anything like the Icy Hot Stuntaz?


Additional Side Note that I forgot: 'Piece' is a part of something. 'Peace,' however, can be used to say goodbye in slang. Thanks.

Original E-mail

Hey Jack-

this is crowley from school...listen i just got CS on my box and want to join ur server but the
only problem is that i have to update the game...i tried to do it w/ the update that was
installed by the game...but it dosen't recognize my DSL service which is up and running
fine...do u have an update i can install or download...i would really appreciate anything u can
do...if u want u can call my cell at 7326428098...thanx..


My Responce



In our most recent exchange of e-mails


i tried that link last night and everytime i tried to download it, it would time out...do u have
the update on file that i could pay u for or something....i spent 2 hrs on it last night its
just not working...call my cell and let me know....dose someone else have the update that i
could call...call my cell and let me know...7326428098



My Responce


I'm starting to wonder even more about you. You spent two hours trying to update Counter-Strike? ::Shakes head:: I know I'm a loser, but really. O.K. So you couldn't get it, huh? You say it times you out? Did you try right clicking and saving the target? Did you try a mirror? Did you try Kazaa? Did you try searching for the file name in google in quotes? Did you try ANYTHING useful? I can think of 100 ways to download it off the top of my head. In fact, just for shits and giggles I went and downloaded it, AGAIN. I find it so funny that you'd be willing to pay me for it, too. Well, I have it on my hard-drive along with every other update. My 40x burner can knock that shit off in less than a minute on a CD for you if you want. How much would you pay me for it? $2, $5, $25, $50? More than the cost of the retail version??? Anyway... Here's the deal... I'm not gonna call you, but I know a bunch of other people out there that might want to help you out. So I'm gonna be a pal and post your name and number on our website and I'm sure someone will call you to help you out. Thanx for the e-mail mike! Glad to help, anytime.


To Be continued...

Original E-mail

>From: "Sean Thunell"
>Subject: forpi
>Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 12:39:59 -0500

wtf why is forpi cs now it was way better as dod. CS blows big asshole.

My Responce

Sean, let my tell you why. Because DOD became a game of fucking shithead campers... Where the only way to kill anyone is to trudge over to their base WALKING the whole way... god forbid you run or you like stop dead in your path because of your stamina meter... then you have to lay down on the ground in a full prone position with your gun bipod out to actually shoot anyone. I used to be a DOD god with my other admins. I was rated #15 in the world. Cyco was rated #8. We stopped playing when the game turned into a match of who could lay in the same spot longer and shoot at the teammates everytime they left the spawn. No. That's GAY. And Forpi has been down for a year, maybe??? You're still hung on that? You know... we still do get emails and messages posted in forums saying DOD Forpi was the best sever that ever exsisted after a year of being down. I guess you guys are just a bit too obsessed. CS sucks sometimes, yeah... But it's fucking awesome if you play with a bunch of cool guys and have good admins. Which is why forpi OWN YOUR SMALL BALLS! heh... Anyway... Clearly we are the best server on the net.... Still. If DOD ever becomes a real FUN game again and NOT just a game that you have to camp the shit out of people to kill someone.... We'll set up another DOD server. I just don't see it happening. Thanx for the e-mail! Have a great life!

-SB ( StupidBastard -- Formerly known as AceXXL )

Stay Tuned for more EXCITING E-mail exchanges from our happy fraggers!


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