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- FAQ -



- Can I become and admin? -
No. Please, do not ask to be an admin. We will NOT op you. We will not give you admin privilages, and we will NOT give you any special access to things. We do, however, give special treatment to regulars. If you come in and play nice, fairly, and often, we will watch out for you and you can ask us if you need anything. So keep that in mind.
- Can I join [SK]? -
No. Do not ask to join SK. We do not take new members. We are NOT an invite only. We are a private clan and do not accept any new members. If you have an [SK] tag on your name you will not be permitted to play in our server. This seperates admins from people who pretend to be.
- I got perm. banned. How can I get back in? -
There is a possibility you got perm. banned instead of temp. banned by accident. Although this is an unlikely occurance, it does happen. If you would like to be reinstated, send your WONid and usual player name to one of the 'admins' to be reinstated. We may reinstate you, we may not. If you do not know what a 'WONid' is, please, ask someone that isn't me.
- Where do I report an allegid cheater? -
You can report a cheater on the left side of your right ass cheek. Errr... wait... I mean... You can report a cheater to one of the admins. Again click on the admins link. Please report all cheaters to [sk]focker to be a pain in his ass not mine (AceXXL). Take it easy on the reporting cheaters though. Thanx.
- What maps does the server have? -
I think the question you meant to ask was, "What MAP does this server have?" My answer: Dust. 24/7 Dust. Try looking at the name for that one. Dumbass.
- Someone killed me while I was typing, what do I do? -
Get over it you little bitch.
- I have another question but its not on this list, now what? -
Now, I KNOW you have to be smarter than that. Ask one of us. Again, admin link try it. It is your friend. But again, please direct your questions towards [sk]focker, because I (Ace) is not the one you really want to ask. I know you want to bother [sk]focker instead.
- Ace, you are a sexy, bitch. Can I get your digits? -
I get this question all the time. I also get, got a picture? got a website? got a 'special someone'? Well... My answer to all these is... Just ask, you KNOW I am a dead sexy bitch, so, just ask.
- Someone is skywalking, I hate when people skywalk, I can't kick them myself, will you do it for me? -
No, I won't. The only kick you'll get from me is a kick in the nuts. Stop whining. Read the rules, too. They outline everything you'll need to know.
- No AWP / AWM on this server? -
No. No AWP. This is a consideration of the admins. Collectively we find the gun to be overly irritating and is generally over-used. An entire team will get them and totally slaughter the other team by using these cheap guns. 1 Shot kills even if you get shot in the arm. (Leg is -87 hp.) The point is. If you have awesome sniper skills and wanna play in our sever, learn to scout and kick some ass with that gun. Got faster bolt action anyway. AND DON'T ASK FOR IT TO GET TURNED ON...Or I'll slap yo bitch ass.
- Yo, [SK] wanna scrimage? -
No, I don't. A) It's a hassle, B) It's a waste of time since our clan isn't big enough to fill a closet (and we like it that way). Are we afraid to play you? No. We just don't care enough to play another clan, stop asking.


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