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The Latest Forpi News

The most dedicated Forpi fans on Earth.

"Ladies and Gentlemen... Half-Life is the greatest game ever createdSince this is my website, I can say whatever the hell I want ... More

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The most dedicated Forpi fans on Earth.
November 20 , 2002

Ladies and Gentlemen... Half-Life is the greatest game ever created. Since this is my website, I can say whatever the hell I want and you can't dispute it. So, with that said, it most certainly is the best game of all time. I've done some hardcore playing in my day. 3 and half hour clips without even getting out of my seat. I've played 6, 7, maybe 8 hours in one day, too. This may seem like a lot... But, after playing with some 'special' individuals for a few more hours than I would have liked to play, I found out that some people are just DIE-HARD FUCKING FORPI.NET FANS!!! --- Take a look ---

Below... One of the worst CS players I have ever seen... He's been playing for 7.5 hours and getting his ass handed to him, THE ENTIRE TIME. Hes got about 20 headshots, too, lucky hits on people. He sucks, but he is a DIE HARD! Therefore, we salute, him! Thanks, uneek! You're the kinda person that makes forpi great!

Here we have another sick, I mean, talented individual. A player who has achieved a goal that I have never seen before. Scoring over 500 frags in 1 sitting without AFKing for more than 2-3 minutes on a few brief occassions. He played for about 10+ hours even after he hit 500 kills. I have a picture below of just before 10 hours. This is also another amazing Forpi story. Thank you, Cobra Commander for fulfilling my dream of 500 Kills. As you can see, Uneek was also playing again and being shit on. He had clocked another 5.5 hours, too.

Why Bastard Should be #1
October 23 , 2002

So... This is stupidbastard here, talking to you about our Forpi stats. Now, for the first week or two of Forpi's uptime, I was number 1 on the stats. However... I no longer am. Specialedkid has got me beat. Yet, look at our scores. My KMP kills his, my K:D Ratio RAPES his. Yet I am still further down. Our ranked players aren't that dissimilar either. I'm starting to think this is the work of the [email protected]#$ Well, not really. However, I am still goin for the gold and hopefully will soon triumph over SEK on the stats. Wish me luck and happy fraggin!


Forpi Duece?
October 21 , 2002

So we all know that Forpi kicks some hardcore ass. Now, everyone loves dust... But sometimes we're looking for a bit of change, right? Well, no usually for the forpi admins, BUT! sometimes people do. So, we thought, "Hey, why NOT make an awesome server that rotates maps and some custom maps, too???" We ordered a gig of RAM for the server and Forpi Duece may soon be around. Keep an eye out and I'll keep you posted. Good gaming and have fun fraggin.

Reanimation Perhaps?
September 30, 2002

"Forpi.Net, I thought you bastards were dead! WTF happened to you?"

-Well my friends, there comes a time in a man's life when he needs to take a break. This was about 6 months ago. And the hiatus is over! It all started with the creation of Day of Defeat Mod Version 1.3. We were hooked. We made our own server and started to create something awesome. We became one of the biggest most trafficed DOD servers on the net. We had it up for quite a few months and then all of a sudden we heard of DOD 2.0 coming out. Everyone was more than excited and we waited for this damn update for over a year. It got here and we pirate downloaded it that night. Well, to be brief, DOD 2 sucks my left nut. They made the game so camper oriented that walking around your own base was a hazard to your health. So, we called it quits for a while and moved on to a few new games. With the release of CS 1.5 we decided to give it another go, seeing as we had stopped playing because of the cheaters and our new found love for DOD. Apparently we had forgotten the addictive nature of CS and we were sucked in. Goddamn game. We have played so many hours in a few really good servers that we decied to bring back the omnipotent Forpi.Net. So, there it is. The greatest server on earth is now back with a whole new look same great name.

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