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- Rules -



- Rule #1 -
First and foremost, cheating will NOT be tolerated. Cheating with any scripts, outside programs, in game commands, FOV, trainers, etc. will not be allowed. If we catch it. We will warn you or depending on our mood most likely perm. ban you. And just common sense. Lets not fuck this game up like cheaters in the past did. Dont cheat guys, and we can have fun.
- Rule #2 -
Next. Do not make any racist or prejudiced comments. We also do not tolerate the use of words that degrade minorities. Do not try and test out these slurs or cyco or another admin will perm ban you. We do not tolerate racist comments. Note from cyco: I hate all you fucking racist bastards. I show no toleration for any degrading, racial slurs. If I see it I fucking kick your ass, basically. Llama you, gag you, slap you, slay you, teleport you, then probably kick and ban. Basically, just treat you like the piece of shit you are. BTW, if that shit is directed AT ME, well you're jsut fucking done then. No mercy you fucking piece of racist shit.
- Rule #3 -
Map exploits, glitches (barring FOV), camping, spawn camping, sniping, team flashing, skywalking, and all those other things ARE allowed in our game. We do not always encourge these practices, but they will be allowed. Try not to be gay, and we'll use our discretion too. On the other had, we may slap you if we find you to be annoying the other players or ourselves with your practices. If we slap you, that means stop whatever it is you were doing to piss us off.
- Rule #4 -
Admins word is law. WE ARE THE ADMINS. WE ARE YOUR GOD. Please, understand that what we say, goes. If we say, 'stop skywalking,' very simply, stop skywalking. If we think you are cheating, we will do what is necessary. Listen guys, we will do as we want. Just listen to us, don't talk back, and don't accuse us of cheating like some n00bs do. If you don't we will get along great.
- Rule #5 -
The final rule until I add to these rules is this: DO NOT, send me or any other admin for that matter stupid e-mails. We will make a section on here as soon we we get some to make fun of you. We will post your name, your e-mail and anything else we can and ask people to e-mail you just to laugh at you for your stupidity. Hopefully this cuts down on the number of ridicuous mails we get for no reason.

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